Flat Victorian Mantel

A simple design widely used in the 19th Century and into the Edwardian Era that suits contemporary settings as well as traditional fireplace settings.

With it's minimal ornamentation it looks surprisingly contemporary,.suggesting tradition without dictating a specific style.

Note: The sizes below refer to the stone versions of the surround - the wooden versions are slightly smaller with a shelf width of 1448mm (57 inches) and a leg to leg width of 1327mm (52.25 inches) but still with a 36 inch square opening and a rebate of 1 or 3 inches.

Mantel prices

Black Granite
Turkish Limestone
Carrara Marble

Mantel Sizes

Overall Width: 
59.10 inches
Top Shelf Width: 
59.10 inches
Body Width: 
53.50 inches
47.00 inches
Opening Width: 
36.00 inches
Opening Height: 
36.00 inches
3.00 inches
11.00 inches