Dublin Cast Iron Fireplace Insert

A cast iron fireplace insert with ornate detailing across the fireplace frieze and around the arched opening.

It has tile sliders at either side of the fireplace opening.

Suitable sets of tiles can be chosen from our Fireplace Tile website at http://www.fireplace-tiles.com/.

Fireplace Prices

Cast Iron in Black
Cast Iron in Antique Finish (Graphite)

Fireplace Sizes

37.60 inches
37.80 inches
Pattern Width: 
34.30 inches
Pattern Height: 
35.40 inches
Shown with the
Harton Mantel

Optional Extras


This fireplace will need a hearth.

The hearth can be made to any size or shape, depending on the installation requirements.

Current gas and solid fuel regulations now stipulate that a 2 inch (50mm) raised hearth is required.

Details are on our www.fireplace-tiles.com website
Quarry Tile Hearths
Square Tiled Glazed Tile Hearths
Other Tiled Glazed Tile Hearths

Decorative Tile Sets

The Tile Set shown in the photograph is not included in the price

Tile Sets are available on our Fireplace Tiles website

Check out our ranges of tiles sets at

Patterned Tile Sets
Running Tile Sets

Solid Fuel Kit

Solid Fuel Kit (Grate, Ash Pan and tool)


A dedicated gas fire is available for a class II flue


A 2kW Coal Effect Electric Heater is available