Edwardian Fireplace Insert

Edwardian Fireplace Insert
Edwardian Fireplace frieze detail
Edwardian Fireplace tile detail
Edwardian Fireplace frieze

A tiled Fireplace Insert c1910 made from large faience blocks glazed in mottled brown and creams.

It was removed from an Edwardian house in North Wales.

It is an obvious precursor of the Art Deco Fireplace styling that became fashionable after the first world war. It has a large chevron style keystone and 6 x 1 inch dark brown fingers around the opening blocks and frieze.

Around 36 of the original flush hearth tiles have been recovered and can be incorporated into a hearth

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Fireplace Sizes

42.50 inches
40.50 inches
Opening Width: 
16.00 inches

Included with this fireplace

Standard Fret
One of our standard frets is included in the price.

Optional Extras

16 inch Fire-back Solid Fuel

A 16 inch fire-back for solid fuel is available, made from fired clay.

Solid Fuel Kit

A Solid Fuel Kit is available - a grate, an ashpan and ashpan tool for solid fuel use.

16 inch Fire-back Gas

A 16 inch fire-back for gas is available, made from ceramic fibre. This will increase the efficiency of decorative gas fires. It is unsuitable for solid fuels.

Tray Gas Fire

A "Living Flame" gas fire. A decorative fuel effect fire designed to go with the 16 inch ceramic fibre fireback. It has LOW efficiency, an output of around 2 kW from an input of 6.9kW but does have a realistic "flame picture".