Granville Fireplace

Granville Fireplace Insert
Granville Fireplace Insert high angle
Granville Fireplace Insert detail
Granville Fireplace Insert
Granville Fireplace Insert high angle

The Granville is an Arts and Crafts influenced fireplace insert made with hand dipped 6 x 2 inch tiles throughout.

This fireplace would typically have been found in larger mid twentieth century homes, especially "Tudor-bethan" styled ones.

The fireplace can be made any reasonable size and be made in any of our full range of glaze colours. It is also available in non hand-dipped tiles.

The Granville will fit with almost any inset or rear flued stove and can also be fitted with all traditional and modern gas and electric fires.

Note: The tiles are not guaranteed against crazing. Whilst most tiles do not normally craze the thicknesses of glaze necessary to reproduce the period effects may often cause this to occur. It does not affect serviceability and actually achieves a truer degree of reproduction effect.

Fireplace Prices

Hand Dipped Tiles
£1 690
Plain Tiles
£1 540

Fireplace Sizes

42.00 inches
40.00 inches
Opening Width: 
16.00 inches
Opening Height: 
22.00 inches