Edwardian Arch fireplace

Edwardian Arch fireplace with Morris mantel
Edwardian Arch fireplace with Sackville mantel
Edwardian Arch fireplace in plain tiles
Edwardian Arch fireplace in hand dipped tiles

The Edwardian arch fireplace first became popular around 1905 and was still a popular design of fireplace insert throughout the 1920s and 1930s.

The fireplace main body is made of brick-like cross bonded tiles and has a simple arched fireplace opening. This style of fireplace insert, definitive of the Edwardian Era, is hand made at our Manchester factory, using virtually identical skills and techniques to those that the the original fireplace makers would have used.

These lighter, brighter and very reflective tiled fireplace designs became very popular after Queen Victoria's reign when glazed tiled fireplaces like the Edwardian Arch became the norm.

This popular version of the fireplace can be made with our hand-dipped fireplace tiles. We glaze the plain 6 x 2 inch tiles in a way that produces a variety of shades and tones of colour between and across the tiles. This closely reproduces the hand crafted feel of the original Edwardian fireplaces.

Note: The tiles are not guaranteed against crazing. Whilst most tiles do not normally craze the thicknesses of glaze necessary to reproduce the period effect may often cause this to occur. It does not affect serviceability and actually achieves a truer degree of reproduction effect.

Fireplace Prices

Plain Tiles
£1 180
Hand Dipped Tiles
£1 380

Fireplace Sizes

40.00 inches
40.00 inches
Opening Width: 
16.00 inches
Opening Height: 
22.00 inches
tfpi depth: 
2.00 inches

Optional Extras

The mantel is not included

This fireplace insert will need a mantel or fire surround

You can choose from our range of reproduction Edwardian mantels here or select one of our original fire surrounds

Fireplace size can be changed

The sizes given are for the fireplace pictured here, but we do manufacture completely to order, and would make a fireplace for you at any reasonable size requested.